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Overview - All about real estate – buy, protect and live

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In general

A great desire of many people is to own their own property. Buying a property involves many different aspects. There are often remaining questions despite your own efforts. 


This webinar provides you an overview of the main parts which coming up with a purchase of an own property. We take a deeper look at the specific characteristics around buying, protecting und living.


We use examples to highlight relevant areas you should pay particular attention to. Optimizing financing conditions, protection strategies for residents and the property, as well as aspects of daily living.

In 45 minutes an insight into basic aspects will be given.

Of course, there will be enough time for your questions. 


Kerstin Brunner


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Dienstag, 07. Juni 2022, 18:30 Uhr

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Dienstag, 07. Juni 2022, 19:15 Uhr

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Kerstin Brunner

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